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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I’M GOING TO TOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well this week was pretty crazy!  So all and all the week was pretty bittersweet!  So the week started out pretty normal!  Our schedule wasn't always full but we worked hard!

Wednesday I got to attend my first African marriage!  It was pretty interesting!  The building it was in was terrible, usually the government buildings are pretty nice but this one was terrible!  No air conditioning and no fans and the power was out so all and all it was pretty hot!  Everything went well. We went to the party afterwards and I drank so much coke!  It was pretty awesome though!

Then week was pretty normal again until Friday night. The power went out and stayed out for 24 hours....it was horrible!  Me and Landeen slept outside and a cockroach ran across my arm......I woke up, screamed a little, then killed it!

Saturday morning was the baptism of our couple!  It was really awesome seeing them finally be baptized. My phrase now is I can leave Avotrou happy! Which is actually funny because I'm being transferred!  I’M GOING TO TOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm so excited!

My new area is called Be-Kpota! I’m going to be finishing the training on a Tahitian missionary!  I'm excited for this new experience and I’m also thankful for my time here! All and all things are good, power is still going out a lot and we have no water but all will work out!
Until next week from Togo!  I love you and miss you!

With Love,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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