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"Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." (3 Nephi 5:13)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Week 2

Hey Mom!

Well two weeks have gone by so fast already! I think about you all the time, I really miss hanging out with the family and what not.  Things here at the MTC have been very interesting but they have been good for the most part.  Well here is the big news for the week, I got the package that you sent me :) and it was awesome! But I got sick the next day and I have been sick ever since.  I went to the doctor and it turns out I had 3 different infections, one in my throat, a sinus infection and an infection in my eyes, but I got the medication I need so I'm doing a lot better!  The French is still coming along ok but it will get better in time.  Other than that things haven't really changed much I didn't see an email from you this week so I hope you are doing OK!

All my love,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Just to sum up all the pictures these are my friends from home, my district, my zone, and it snowed really hard on my second day here.

Friends from Home:
Elder Ward and Elder Allred

 Elder Nuttall and Elder Allred

 Elder Long and Elder Allred

Friends from District and Zone:

Enjoying the Snow (we don't get much at home):

Monday, February 18, 2013

Week 1

Hey Mom!

Well today is my first p day here at the MTC! This past week has been pretty busy and very stressful! Things are going well though.  The French is coming slowly but surely, I'm actually able to pray in French, but I need the assistance of a book so that kind of stinks.  I almost have the first vision memorized in French also but it’s hard to get it all down with all the pernunceation (pronunciation) and such.  Anyway but my companion and I have taught a few lessons in French which has been pretty awesome!  Today we went and did a session at the Provo temple that was pretty amazing.  The days here are long but when I look back its weird to think that I've been out here almost a week already.  Our days are just full of studying all day!  After a while that gets a little boring.  The food is also really good but I think I'm gaining weight :( but anyway my favorite time of the day is gym time, gets us out of the class room and I get to play basketball :) Anyway things are good though, I haven't been as home sick as I expected but at times I get it pretty bad.  Anyway how has your past week gone? I hope things at school are going good.  I hope everything else at home is going well.  Well it’s time for me to go so I love you and can’t wait to talk next week :)

All my love,

Elder Joseph Delbert Allred II

PS: please send me hand letters and post on Facebook to have people send me hand letters it’s always nice to hear from friends and family.  Also I’ll send pictures next week when I figure out how to, the MTC computers are kind of challenging.

Elder Allred and Elder Gray

Let's Do This...

On Feb. 6, 2013, Elder Allred entered the MTC. They stopped at The Creamery for lunch and then headed to the MTC. He gave his dad a hug and said, "Let's do this!" and off he went.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Road to the MTC

JD asked his dad to drive him to the MTC, so on Monday, Feb. 4, Cheyenne and I (mom) drove him to Phoenix to his dad's house. We had a nice dinner and visited for a bit and then it was time to say our goodbyes.
JD and Mom
The next morning, JD and his dad and step-mom left for Provo.
JD and Dad at Hoover Dam
Once in Provo, JD met up with a friend, Ryan Mortimer, who served his mission in the Arizona Tucson Mission.
JD and Mort

At the Provo Temple

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Farewell

It’s amazing to me how much impact one person can make on a community.  J.D. was surrounded by tons of family and friends, I’m pretty sure we doubled the attendance at sacrament meeting.  He did a wonderful job with his talk, and then we all met at our house after for a luncheon.  Well..most of us anyway.  Alida (one of J.D.’s close friends from Yuma) and I (his sister Cheyenne) were just pulling into the driveway when I got a phone call from J.D., turns out that in the midst of all the commotion, we had left him at the church.  We hurried back to the church to get him, and then the party really started. 

Dad, Cheyenne, JD, Senecca, and Debbie (our step momma)

Cheyenne, JD, Senecca, Mom, and Aaron (our step dad)

Cheyenne, JD, and Senecca