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Monday, February 11, 2013

The Farewell

It’s amazing to me how much impact one person can make on a community.  J.D. was surrounded by tons of family and friends, I’m pretty sure we doubled the attendance at sacrament meeting.  He did a wonderful job with his talk, and then we all met at our house after for a luncheon.  Well..most of us anyway.  Alida (one of J.D.’s close friends from Yuma) and I (his sister Cheyenne) were just pulling into the driveway when I got a phone call from J.D., turns out that in the midst of all the commotion, we had left him at the church.  We hurried back to the church to get him, and then the party really started. 

Dad, Cheyenne, JD, Senecca, and Debbie (our step momma)

Cheyenne, JD, Senecca, Mom, and Aaron (our step dad)

Cheyenne, JD, and Senecca

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  1. Nice, haha. I didn't know you guys forgot him. Thats love! =)