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Monday, July 29, 2013

New Jericho Branch

Well another week has come and gone and here we are again!  This week went by really fast. You know what they say; time flies when you are working hard.  And that is exactly what we have been doing!

Like I said in the letter from last week Elder Boto and I have been working on finding new people to teach.  So we are now teaching a lot of new people. We have been really blessed in the people that we have found right now.  All week we were walking far and wide to teach our new people. They all live pretty far away from each other so we are working all around our area.

Yesterday at church some really amazing news was announced!  Right now I’m working in the sector of Jericho but all of our investigators [go to the] Gbedjromede Branch.  Yesterday the announcement was made that on the first Sunday in August the new Jericho Branch will start!  The people in Jericho will go to the same building but have their own branch. They are working on finding a building right now!  It’s so amazing to be here for this big change. I’m so excited for this!  This change is also very nice because there were so many people attending the old branch that I didn’t get to sit down at church for the past 4 months!

And for the other good news we had 6 investigators at church yesterday!  Ahh, what a great day! haha.  This is a really nice change, because the area has been struggling but I knew things would start to light up!

The package is amazing by the way haha. I haven’t eaten it all yet!  It’s so nice to see my beautiful tie again! haha (His favorite tie was stolen in the MTC so I sent him a new one.) The 4 x 4 Rubik’s cube is ridiculously hard lol but it’s all good!

Thank you for all that you do for me mom, I love and miss you! Have a great week!
Avec amour,
Elder Joseph D. Allred II

This is a van from another church! I think its awesome! haha The picture says it all!

Mom I'm here if you want to talk to me!

I have a couple minutes before my training starts

How are you today? Je suis tres bon! (I am very good)

I'm good. Not looking forward to another day of training. How's your day been? Any luck on the package yet?

I bet!  My day has been good. I cleaned all day!  Myself and Boto did laundry for one of our converts, and yes, the package is amazing!  What did you think of my Toms story? :)

I loved your Toms story. So glad you finally got the package. I can't believe that you are cleaning. Lol just kidding. Are you still in the same apartment that you were in with Rago?

I wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not to tell it. I didn't want people to think that my head was somewhere else and not on the work.  The package is amazing!  I love it!!!!  4 x 4 Rubik’s cube is freakin hard! lol 

I don't think there's anything wrong with the story. You're there for the culture also.

haha what a relief!  I was thinking about that all week!  Haha

I like the picture of you and the van. Did you ever decide about clippers for your hair?

I thought it would a waste of money. I’ll keep getting bad haircuts lol 

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