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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Six Months

Wow that week went by really fast haha crazy!

This was a really busy week. We had lots to do over the past couple days. Last Tuesday we had a zone meeting with all the missionaries in our zone, which was good. We talked about helping people progress when they are a little slow to progress. Then on Friday we had our zone conference with all the missionaries in our zone and another zone with President Weed.  Plus all the lessons we had with all the new people we are teaching.  Oh, and Sunday was the first day of the branch to Jericho.

The first day at the new branch was pretty interesting, and here is an interesting story to go with it.  So in our new branch we have no young men so I had to help with the sacrament. Our church building is an old school and the chapel has a lot of windows that look out into the hallways and stuff.  So there was this kid that is a new member who was sitting on a bench outside in the hallway and I was looking at him and all the sudden in the middle of the sacrament he passed out on that bench!!!  All of these people left the chapel to go help the kid. What spirit was there left instantly! haha It turns out he was really sick but he came to church because he had to be confirmed !  The branch had little attendance but that’s ok. People are pretty confused about which branch they are supposed to attend.

Anyway things are good with the people we are teaching. We found a woman who was really prepared for the gospel. She is progressing well, hopefully we will set a baptismal date this week.  Do you remember the family of 8? Well we are only teaching 3 of them now but they are doing great haha. They have come to church for the past 2 weeks. It’s awesome!

Well time for the big news for this week.  So in Benin there are 4-6 missionaries in each apartment, and I've been living with another American for the past 4 months. Well to his great surprise he was transferred today and another Elder came to our apartment. His name is Elder Méjean, and he is from Lyon, France.  So that means I’m in an all French apartment!  No one speaks English except for me haha. I love it though; this is going to make my French explode! haha

Things here are really good right now. This place is really starting to feel like home. I love these people, I love the culture....I don’t know how to describe it.  I hope you have an amazing week! I love you and miss you tons!

Avec amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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