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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

2 pour 1/2

Well another week has come and gone; can’t believe how fast it went!  This past week went by fast for us because we were so busy all the time!

As I said before and as you know Elder Rago was transferred about a week ago and I have to show the new missionary the area.  Well we got straight to work on that!  So this whole week we went around and I introduced him to the members in our area and our investigators!  And we started to work towards finding new people to teach, so that means asking people for contacts or going door to door!  Well we asked all the members in our area for contacts and that didn't go very well, so that means we were forced to go door to door!  We found a few new people who we are going to start teaching. I don’t know if those people will progress.  So as I said with Boto I’m forced to speak French and I think it’s really helping me!  I’m starting to speak really well so that’s pretty awesome!

And other than that it was a pretty normal week. So now I’m going to explain the 2 pour 1/2!  So in Benin Cotonou you can buy just about anything you want for pretty cheap and it’s either real stuff or fake crap!  So today another missionary and I went to an area of Benin with some really great stuff!  And we found a guy selling Toms, you know the shoes Toms!  So you know that whole thing about how you buy a pair of Toms and another pair is donated to a kid in Africa, well that’s kind of true....lol but not true at the same time.  It turns out when they get donated here people either sell them or steal them and resell them.  So I found a guy and we start taking, he says I want 12,000 cfa for 1 pair and I negotiate with him and we end up agreeing on 7,000 cfa. I couldn't decide which pair I wanted so I say I will give you 15,000 cfa for 2 pairs and he said yes! So I bought 2 pairs of Toms for 30 dollars American money which is half the price of one pair in the United States! Go me!! haha

Anyway this was a good week, things are good, I love you and miss you tons! Je vous aime beaucoup!

Avec amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Last week's baptism and new companion Elder Boto

Pictures from Family Home Evening

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