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Monday, September 29, 2014

Food Poisoning


Well another week has come and gone!  This week definitely passed pretty quick!  But it was definitely a little difficult.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we didn't work because I had food poisoning!  It was terrible...if I did any kind of work it just drained my energy but I’m better now!

Thursday I worked with our district leader in my area, that went really well!  We were finally able to see so investigators that had been extremely busy.  I thought that we taught some pretty good lessons!

Friday we didn't get to work because it rained all day and that means that our area is just a mud pit!

Saturday was a really great day because we had a great lesson with Alexice!  His baptismal
date is fixed for this Saturday and we discussed his concerns and it went well!

Sunday was pretty normal day!  All and all it was a good week!  I hope that all is well!  I love you and miss you!

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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