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Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Area

Well another week has come and gone.  This past week went by super fast. It was a pretty busy one.  All week I was preparing for my transfer.  One member that I only knew for a little over a month made me a huge dinner for leaving. It was awesome!  One of my investigators bought me a six pack of coke so that was nice.  Thursday I said goodbye to my second area without much difficultly.

I arrived in my new area and I was pretty tired but we went straight to work.  I found out that most of the converts live in my area and they are all active. On my second day in the sector we had a meeting at the church and I found out that the church is an hour away from our apartment so that was a nice walk.

Saturday we had a baptism. When we arrived there was a funeral going on and it turned out that it was somebody who I knew from my first area.  It was pretty sad. He had gotten sick with an infection but they couldn't help him because of the health care here. He had been suffering for a while.  I don’t know what it is about funerals but I always seem to feel the spirit a little better than usual.  I felt that he was a lot happier and in a way better place.

Our baptism went well but he didn't come to church on Sunday so I'm not really sure about that.  All and all the first week was good.  I love you and miss you!

All my love,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

From Sister Semken:
"Elder Allred was in the bureau renewing his Visa today.  Since it is Thanksgiving I thought it would be fun to take these Elders picture and send it to all the Mothers.  We really enjoy Elder Allred he is the best missionary."
Elders: Gray, Allred, Montross, Hawkins, Mary, Sister Semken,
Kimzey, Ravelojoana, Ouonnebo and in the back Elder Ta

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