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Monday, April 22, 2013

Stressful Week

Wow I can’t believe that it is P-day already again ha ha.   This week has been a really stressful week.  The two people that were supposed to be getting baptized were not baptized because something happened that made it so that they couldn't.  It was really hard to see that happening.  And the people that were supposed to get baptized this week probably won’t be getting baptized either because stuff happened to them also.  It really stresses me out when stuff like that happens. It seems like things were going so good and now they just fell off but I know things will improve for those people.

This week wasn't all bad though.  While we were walking home from an appointment a family of six called us over to talk, they seem really interested!  So we will see how that goes!  We also have a lesson with a contact who seems like he is really prepared also so we will see how that goes.

So today for P-Day we went to a place called Ouidah which is a place where the African slaves were taken from to wherever they were sent to go.  We also went to the temple of the pythons and to the beach, I took a lot of pictures but we came to email before going back to our apartment so I will send some pictures next week.

I want to end this letter by telling you about something really awesome.  Elder Rago and myself were walking down the road when a guy who was selling ties came and talked to us, he was asking 600 CFA for one tie which isn’t really a good price, Elder Rago was able to talk the guy down to 1000 CFA for 4 ties!  Which means 4 ties for 2 American dollars ha ha.  In other words I got a great deal.

It was a good week here in Africa. A few days ago I passed my one month mark here in Benin. It’s crazy how fast that month went by.  I hope you have a good week; can’t wait to hear from you!  I love and miss you tons!

God be with you till we meet again.....

All my love,
Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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