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Monday, April 15, 2013

This Week Has Been Pretty Amazing!

Hey Mom!

Well I hope you had a good week, didn't receive an email so you’ll have to update me on all the excitement in Safford! (Not sure why he didn't get an email - I did send one - must be lost in cyber space.)  This week has been pretty amazing, probably my best one since I have been here in Africa.

On the good news we have committed four people to enter the waters of baptism! Two of which are young girls, one is going to be the first member in her family, her mother allows her to go to church and she is letting her get baptized so it's really amazing to see this young girl take such a big step. The other girl just turned 8 and has been so excited to be baptized, so we are working with her to get her ready for baptism.  The other two people were people that we contacted from members.

The biggest miracle I saw this week was by a man named Hiler. Hiler was been born and raised catholic, he began being taught by the first missionaries that came to my area but was dropped because he wasn't progressing.  I’m not really sure how we got to begin teaching him but we started again, the first lesson went well, we asked him to pray if the things we had taught him were true.  On our next lesson with him he had something to tell us, and this is a brief summary of what he said, "I fell asleep at work on my desk. While I was asleep I had a dream, I saw a pillar of light and an angel came. He told me the path that I was taking was the right one and that I shouldn't be worried.”  He was told that many times by the angel then he woke up and knew that the church was true.  It was really amazing to see it!

So that is what happened this week! It has been a good week.

So time for the sad news, it looks like we are going to have to drop Aminou.  It turns out the Aminou doesn't speak French, only Fon and so he didn't understand anything we had taught him, or anything we were saying.  It’s hard but it happens!  Other than that things are good!  I hope you are doing well, i love and miss you!

God be with you till we meet again....


Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Our apartment won the for the cleanest for the month of March so we got taken on a free lunch :)

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