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Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy 2-Month Mark

Well it was good to hear from you and hear about your notes from conference!  And your right, I won’t get to see conference for about a month and it will be in French so I doubt that I will understand a lot of it lol but it’s all good.

So this was a pretty good week here in Benin, very hot but we got our first rain storms of the season!  Last night we had one of the biggest storms that I've ever seen.  I was very thankful to have a nice apartment to go back to and be safe.  Last night while I was lying in bed I was thinking of all the people here in Benin that don’t have the same protection that I do and it makes me feel bad for those people, but those homes may have little protection but it’s all they have ever known.  I know people have it hard but they are still happy and humble, that’s something that is hard to find in other areas of the world.

So this week we started teaching a few new people and the lessons are going well with most of them.  One problem we have is that people are always busy here but we always seem to find them at the right time!  I’m finally starting to get adjusted to the way of life here, like I said before it’s hard but it is starting to feel like I haven’t lived any other way after being here for these few weeks.

Anyway, I cracked a tooth, luckily President Weed is a dentist.....lol but it isn't anything major so it’s all good but I’ll need to have it checked when I get back to the United States in a couple years.

So I had a MAJOR first this week and that is that I had my first African Cheeseburger!  It was amazing haha. I hadn't had meat in a few days so it made it taste better! :) Anyway things are good, oh and HAPPY 2 MONTH mark :)  I've been out on my mission for 2 long but quick, hard but amazing months.  I hope you are doing well, love you and miss you!  God be with you till we meet again...

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Pictures from last week's soccer game:

First baptism:

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