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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

With Small Things Great Things Come to Pass!


Well another week has come and gone and here we are again!  So this week was a pretty good!  This week I saw more of the blessing from working hard! Lately I've been praying for help to fill our time up every day. I found that planning is really the effective way to find people to teach every available hour! We taught a pretty good number of lessons this week!  If one person wasn't there then we had a replacement plan!

The big new from this week is that we had 2 baptisms!  Pacscl and Daniel!  They are both the first members in their families.  Daniel is 13 and came to church for the first time with a friend....we started teaching him and after 2 months he decided that he wanted to be baptized!  Pacscl is 10, and he lives in the same house with a member family... started coming to church and was baptized also! I’m thankful for the examples of these kids.  It’s tough being the first members in a family but with "small things great things come to pass!"

I hope all is well!  I miss you and love you!  Oh and on a side note today is President Weeds last day in Africa and President Morin comes tomorrow!  More news to come!

Avec beacoup d'amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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This is me and the other American sitting in the front
seat of a taxi, there are four other people behind us
and one guy in the trunk....that's Africa for you!

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