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Monday, July 7, 2014

President Morin's Arrival


Well another week has come and gone and here we are again!  This week was pretty interesting.  So Tuesday Elder Mutoke and I went out to our appointments and we taught Oscar.  Oscar is an investigator that we contacted while he was smoking.  Things are going well with him!  He came to church last week and loved it!  He said that his favorite part about it was the peace at church.  He also said that he wants to be baptized with his wife but first we need to fix his problems with the Word of Wisdom.

That was the most exciting part of the week, besides President Morin arrived!  From what I have been told his is pretty great and he has a lot of energy! He will be coming to Togo this week to meet all the missionaries.

So the other exciting thing that happened this week was a little trip I went on.  My companion and I and a few members from the bishopric went to the next town closest to Lomé called Tsevié!  The stake sent a bunch of ward missionaries out there to do a contacting activity, and now they want to start sending missionaries out there!  I’m the first missionary to step foot in that city.  At the activity that we did there were 17 people who came and there are a lot more contacts waiting!  It’s so exciting seeing the growth of the church here in Togo and I'm a part of it!

All and all it was a good week!  I hope all is well!  I love you and miss you!
Avec beacoup d'amour,
Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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