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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Zone Conference


Well another week has gone by and here we are again!  This past week was a little difficult but I found that there were rewards from our efforts.  So this past week we did a lot of talking to people trying to find new people to teach.  I find it difficult when we don’t have an appointment because I just don’t like having to try and find new people to teach.  But I found that as we worked hard god did the rest.

And this reinforced a quote that Elder Vinson said at our zone conference with him "When we do a little....god does a lot!"  This was probably my favorite quote from the conference, because as we make an effort I sometimes feel like it’s a waste but then I realize it really is me just doing a little and god doing the rest.

The good news from this week is we found a new investigator, his name is Cedric and he is awesome!  He really understands our message well!  He even came to church on Sunday and he really liked it!  We are hoping he will continue to progress well!  The funny thing was he has been wanting to
talk to us for a while but he could never find us, but now all is going well for him!

The other good news from this week is we had a baptism!  We baptized Eustash!  Super amazing guy!  For the longest time he didn't have a church but after we started teaching him, he really started to feel like that was a better way to spend his Sundays!

I was super happy with the week!  It was difficult but I made it, always taking one step at a time.  And what I noticed is that when we lost one investigator, god gave us a new one!  All and all it really wasn't a terrible week!

My other favorite quote from our zone conference came from President Weed, and he said "if we are truly converted, our actions will show it!" This hit me pretty hard.  It’s difficult for me to explain but it was awesome!  Anyway that is it for this week.  I miss you and love you!

With Love,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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