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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Working Hard, Praying Hard

Well another week has come and gone and here we are again!  This week was pretty interesting but it was good.

Like I said last week I got a new companion!  Things with that are awesome!  It’s great living with another American but to be companions with one is even better!  It makes me happy.  It’s really weird walking around with another white guy for my companion. The kids surprisingly don’t yell at us as much as I thought they would. They still do, but that’s Benin for you.  That was one reason the week went by fast. It was just busy saying goodbye with the old companion and introducing the new one to everyone.  Things are good though, we only speak French when we are in the area but at the apartment we speak English and French kind of mixed. It’s going good.

The other news I know is that it’s for sure that in October that I’m being transferred so I’m working extra hard to show Elder Kent the sector.  So anyway Togo here I come...maybe. I think there is a good chance I’m staying in Benin so we will see!

The new task at hand is to find new people to teach, so I think we are going to be starting that this week. Other than that, things are pretty much the same, working hard, praying hard, all the same stuff.

I hope all is well!  I hope you have an awesome week!  I love and miss you!

Oh I've been forgetting to say the past couple weeks that I got that package from the young women and it was awesome! Our ward back home is the best! I love you!

Avec amour,
Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Ya, it's possible

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