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Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Companion

Well another week has come and gone and the time continues to fly!  I have to be honest this week was actually pretty boring lol. There isn't much to report on! 

We were pretty busy this week with my visa work here in Benin so two days this week I was in a immigration place where they took my fingerprints. I had to sign some stuff and get my picture taken for the visa so that's one exciting thing I guess. I'm legal in Benin for another 3 months! woo! 

Ok so for the more exciting news there was a transfer this week, and.......ELDER BOTO is transferred!  I'm staying in Jericho for a little longer haha!  Elder Boto is being transferred to another area in Benin. Another missionary is finishing this week and Elder Boto is taking his place as a zone leader!  And I'm getting a new companion, his name is Elder Kent!  And he is from the United States! lol This was very surprising to me because, one he is white, two he is an American. It's a little crazy but I'm ok with it!  I'm pretty sure I'll be transferred in like two weeks but we will see. I think it's cool so I hope it stays the same for a little while.  

Well other than that things are the same lol. I'm loving life. I hope all is well. I love and miss you!  

Avec amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II 

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