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Monday, January 13, 2014

This Week I felt Closer to Our Savior

Wow what a quick week this was!  So this week was pretty bittersweet! This week myself and Elder Ratodisoamalala had some of the best numbers that I have had since I arrived in this area. I guess that
just reflects hard work!  Our area really seems to be getting better but people aren't coming to church. So we can work pretty hard all week but if people don’t come to church it almost feels like a waste.  But
it’s all good. People will come to church eventually!

So I've been having a hard time with my companion lately.  I'm trying my best to develop patience but it’s hard.  I'm praying for help so I hope all turns out well!  On Saturday, I had the chance to work with Elder Boto again and it was awesome!  We worked so hard!  It was just like old times!

This week I felt closer to our savior....maybe because it was such a bittersweet week!  I hope all is well. I miss you and love you!

Avec amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

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