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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Four Months and Counting

Hey mom, wow P-day again - another quick week.  This week went by pretty fast for me because there was something we had to do each day so it was a quick week.  This week I had to go to the mission office twice to update my visa. We have to do that every 3 months.  

This week we had a lot of issues with people not going through with lessons.  That is one thing I don't like here, people will say they will do something so that they won’t offend you but then they won’t be home or won’t read and we tell them to do it again.  It’s kind of a stressful cycle lol.  

We had a baptism this week.  We baptized a man from the Congo but he is in Benin for his work.  He was really solid from the beginning. He had a good knowledge of God already and he progressed really well.  So that was good.  

Today is an interesting day for us.  We have a lesson with a family who is really great they just need help to feel the spirit.  There are 8 people in the family!  I will let you know how that goes. 

I can’t wait for my packages they will make me happy! haha Well not much else has happened this week!  I hope that you have a good week!  Je vous aime beaucoup!

Avec amour,

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Elder Dickson with the Benin Elders and Sisters
Elder Dickson with the Togo Elders

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