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Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Months Already!

Well I know you probably know but today is my 3 month mark on my mission! Weird to think that I have been out that long. It went really fast but at the same time it has been a long 3 months lol.

Things here have been good!  We are getting a lot of rain, but it dries up pretty fast so you wouldn't be able to tell if you saw it here.

This week we had a baptism!  We baptized a little girl named Anicette.  She is a sweet little girl, but she is really shy so it was kinda hard to teach her lol.

Other than that there wasn't really anything new this week.  We lost Hiler :( because of what I like to call Africa drama lol (I’ll explain when you call) but hopefully we will get him back.  We are hopefully going to be having quite a few baptisms this next couple weeks.

Things are good though, the weather has been a little cooler so that always makes it feel a lot nicer here.  I just got over being sick, something was up with my stomach but I feel a lot better now.

I'm so excited to hear from you on Sunday!  Love you and miss you tons!  God be with you till we meet again....

Elder Joseph D. Allred II

Ouidah is best known for its central role in the slave trade during the 17th , 18th , and 19th centuries, during which time nearly 1,000,000 individuals were boarded onto ships from the beach at Ouidah and were transported across the Atlantic. (From the Ouidah Museum of History)

Temple of the Pythons

If this says anything about how people drive in Africa you will see what I avoid on a daily bases, lol. To clarify, that is a freezer on that back of that moto! 

I call this Bay Watch, missionary style lol ;)

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