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Monday, January 12, 2015

Last Letter


Well another week has come and gone, today is a special day because it's the last time that I'll be writing home.

I can't believe how fast my mission here in Africa has passed.  I still remember September of 2012 when I opened my call and saw Benin Cotonou and saying I had no idea how to say that.  Then time continued to pass and I read blogs, saw pictures trying to imagine the world I was going into. To this day I still think I had no idea what I was going into. Benin definitely isn't that place with lions and animals and all that cool stuff. Then the mission began, the MTC flew and then I arrived in my first area. I still remember the humidity slapping me in the face when I got off the plane.  Wow things were hard at first: adapting to the culture, learning French, and being so far away from home.  But I think the thing I learned best at the beginning of my mission is that it doesn't matter that my family is far away, I made a new one here. I may be different but that doesn't matter they love me for who I am!  As time continued to pass I came to love this place even if it was
difficult.  I think about the time that has passed and the people that have touched me.  I feel like I was a real instrument in the hand of the Lord.  Now as my mission has come to an end I am seeing the fruits of my labors, I see the true conversion of people.  It's so amazing. I'm so thankful for the opportunity that I had to serve here, it taught me so much about myself.  I can't really express all my feelings but we can talk about that later. I love you and can't wait to see you next week!

Avec amour,

Elder Allred

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